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Aichun Beauty deep cleansing Men Liquid Beard shampoo Repair and Activation help hair regeneration

 499  399

Carex Assorted Mix Flavoured Condom (Pack of 12 Condoms)

 799  699

Deadly Shark Power 25000 Long Time Delay Spray

 1,500  1,300

Dee Land Delay Timing Cream (Pack of 2 Creams)

 699  599

Durex Excite Me Condom (Pack of 12 Condom)

 1,050  950

Durex Extended Pleasure Performa Condom (Pack of 12 Condom)

 1,099  999

Durex Feel Thin Condom (Pack of 12 Condom)

 950  850

Durex Pleasure Me Condom (Pack of 12 Condoms)

 800  700

Durex Real Feel Condom (Pack of 12 Condom)

 1,050  950

Durex Tingle Me Condom (Pack of 12 Condom)

 1,050  950

Electric Automatic Organ Developer Enlargement Pump

 5,000  4,900

Fantasy Condoms with 5 Features 5 in 1 (Pack of 12 Condom)

 950  850

INNO Delay Lubricated Condoms Ferrari Essence OUD (Pack of 12 Condom)

 950  850

Male Organ Developer Enlargement Vacuum Pump Manually Operated

 3,800  3,700

Maxman 75000 Long Time Delay Spray

 1,800  1,700

Buy Delay Sprays Online in Pakistan with Complete Privacy

Just like delay creams and gels, delay sprays function to prolong your overall sex time. It increases your intercourse time that leaves both the partners satisfied. Men want sex for some extra minutes and women don’t reach an orgasm that early. Both of them suffer a lot when they are victimized by the premature ejaculation problem. Delay sprays and creams/gels work equally effectively, but the former is easier to apply than the latter. It’s simpler and fun to use; therefore, buy delay spray now and make your sex life thrilling and exciting.

What is a Delay Spray?

A delay spray is made up of almost similar ingredients as the delay creams or gels. The only difference is in the texture (obviously one is cream and spray) and weight (as spray feels very light). It enables men to prolong the intercourse time from a few seconds for up to four minutes (3.8 minutes in particular) that’s long enough to go to the seventh sky and cover the journey of pleasures and thrill. However, make sure that the results won’t be the same for the men who do not have a premature ejaculation problem. The spray is particularly designed to cure this issue, so use it only if you are facing it.

Even though delay spray in Pakistan is a new product and not many people know about it, those who have used it are pretty satisfied and recommend others. That’s why it’s getting fame at a rapid pace. The customer satisfaction at healthyu is also pretty exemplary; therefore, use one now if you face premature ejaculation problem and get rid of it like a magic. The delay spray price at healthyu is quite reasonable, and like other stores, it doesn’t feel like you are buying something out-of-the-world. It’s just like purchasing all other mundane items.

Why Should You Use a Delay Spray?

There are a few but obvious reasons why you should use a delay spray. First, it’s super easy and convenient to use. All you have to do is spray it to the top till the mid-length of the penis before having sex and wash it off afterward. As simple as that! Second, you have to use it only on-demand, which means, you need to apply only when you have sex. This method is unlike others such as taking prescribed medicines which should be taken daily. The ingredients used in this product are usually safe and it can be taken without a doctor’s prescription.