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Buy Female Lubricants Online in Pakistan with Complete Privacy

Are you worried about the dryness that’s caused down there during the intercourse? Does it make things rough for you and cause a lot of pain? Well, a woman’s vagina sometimes fails to produce enough fluid and it causes plenty of problems for both the partners. They may be unable to make fluid due to stress or any other issues. Whatever the reason, it has to be cured and a lubricant does it for you. Buy one now and apply either to your woman’s vagina or on your penis (both ways are fine and give good results).

What is a Lubricant?

It is a slippery substance that reduces friction and increases smoothness in the vagina while having sex. There are different types available in the market, and I will guide you shortly on how to use them. Women’s lubricants in Pakistan have now become a common product and are easily available at medical stores. Find the most cost-effective lubricants price at healthyu and enjoy sex without spending too much money.

How to Use a Lubricant?

There are some precautions you must take while using a lubricant.

Do not Use a Lube having Parabens, Glycerin, or Sugars

First, never use it with glycerin, parabens, or sugars. All these things make it super sticky and make things hard down there. There are many “body-safe” claiming lubes available that have these three ingredients in them. Do not trust the caption and avoid buying them. Make sure you always read the back of the box to know what’s in there. Not only do these things cause stickiness, but they are prone to cause a yeast infection.

Do not Use a Lube for Trying-to-Have-a-Baby Sex

Lubes are known to affect sperm and cause a barrier for them in entering inside the vagina. Therefore, they shouldn’t be used when you are trying to conceive. This sex should be less slippery and enjoyable than that you do usually. But, if you really want a dirty, erotic one, use a sperm-friendly lube. One such lube is “YES Baby” so you can go for it.

What Type of Lube Should You Use?

You should only use a water-based lube. They are super easy to use and clean and do not cause stickiness. Since it is mostly water, it’s free from all side-effects and gives you maximum pleasure. Avoid using an oil-based lube as it can cause a lot of problems such as lingering inside the body and disrupting body functions. | K-Y Jelly Personal Water Based Lubricant | Health & Beauty | Lubricants |  others |